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Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Our Tile Cleaning Process

Professional tile cleaning and sealing can bring your tile back to life and protect it from stains and discoloration.  We use high pressure and high heat combined with state of the art solutions to break up dirt and grease from your tile.  We then seal tile with a moisture barrier to protect liquids and dirt from staining your tile.  You will be amazed to see how bright and clean your tile looks when we are done.

Common misconceptions

Most people assume that the tile in new home construction is sealed after install.  The fact is that more than 85% off all new tile jobs are not sealed after install.  This leaves your new floors vulnerable to dirt as soon as they are installed.  How can you tell if your tile is properly sealed?  Get a small glass of water and pour a drop onto one of your grout lines.  If the water seeps into the grout, the tile is not sealed.  If the water beads up then the tile is sealed.  If your tile is not sealed then give us a and we can seal it to protect is from future spills and dirt.

Have a tile question or problem? We handle both the residential and commercial markets.  Give us a and let our experts help you with your cleaning needs. 

Please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or in person with any questions.  We look forward to working with you.

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