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What are the triggers that cause an allergic reaction?

Your allergy and asthma medications are not helping the problem, they simply make your suffering more bearable.  Your constant exposure to the source of the allergens will make you dependent on medication for life, and may even be making your symptoms get worse due to prolonged exposure.  The only way to protect your family is by attacking the problem at it's source - we need to treat the source of the problem to get your family relief.

We clean homes to protect your family from the most common allergy and asthma triggers with steam cleaning and a post cleaning spray.  Our line of responsible cleaning products will clean your rooms with plant based solvents designed specifiy for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Our solution neutralizes asthma and allergen triggers for up to six months at a time.  Just imagine six months of restful sleep with no itchy eyes or asthma symptoms.

If you have had a new mattress longer than six months without cleaning there are up to one million dust mites currently living in your mattress.  Watch this video to find out more.

This video is a short documentary of dust mites and how they contribute to allergic reactions.  Give us a to schedule an appointment or with any questions.

A Cleaner Home

    Our process involves the following steps:

    • Steam clean bedrooms using plant based cleaning solutions.  Cleaning includes carpets and mattress.

    • Bedding sheets are removed to be cleaned in your washer with a special plant based solution that will neutralize allergens.

    • (Optional) - carpet protection is applied to carpets.

    • Carpets and mattress are treated with a plant based solution that neutralizes allergens that trigger reactions.

    • The mattress is rapid dried so that  sheets and pillow cases can be replaced for sleeping on.

    • We leave you a brochure with helpful tips that can help you prolong relief of symptoms returning.

    We employ IICRC certified cleaning technicians who are experts on green cleaning techniques.  We have years of experience and work hand in hand with our clients, and the suppliers who produce our line of green cleaning products.  We meet our clients needs with affordable, and effective treatments for a variety of cleaning and safety needs in the communities we serve.  We are loy owned and strive to make a difference with responsible cleaning practices.

    The best part of our allergen trigger cleaning process is that much of the cleaning work necessary is part of regular steam cleaning.  Our system is designed to build on the successful cleaning of your home with a long lasting add on solution that will lessen or eliminate allergy and asthma symptoms for months at a time.  We guarantee our process and your satisfaction.  The cost of applying the solutions to your mattress and carpets in the bedroom amounts to around $90 extra per room. 

    Our guarantee includes a 100% money back guarantee on our allergy relief products.  If your not satisfied with the results of our allergy relief system we will refund the full cost of the allergy treatment to you.  There is nothing for you to lose by trying our service and there is never a high pressure sale involved.  We are happy to provide you the information on this process up front along with independent lab results so you can make the decision for yourself if this process works for your families needs.

    By taking control of the cause of symptoms today you may be heading off more serious problems in the future.  us today, and enjoy restful sleep for months.

A Cleaner Home is a full service cleaning company specializing in steam carpet cleaning, floor tile cleaning,  dryer vent cleaning and allergy control. 
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