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We are based in Highlands Ranch Colorado, but clean the entire Denver Metro area.

Did you know that according to the US Fire Administration that more than 15,000 home fires are caused by dryers with clogged lint vents?  Most fire departments recommend cleaning your dryer vent once a year for safety.

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This video is a news report about the dangers of not having your dryer vents regularly cleaned.  Give us a to schedule an appointment or with any questions.

A Cleaner Home


  • How can you tell if you need to have your dryer vent cleaned? 

    • The basic rule of thumb is that if your dryer gets hot, but takes longer than 50 minutes to dry a load of laundry, you probably have a problem.  A simple way to test this is to dry a load of laundry with the vent disconnected at the back of your dryer - if clothes dry faster then your vent is clogged.  Lint build up on the door of the dryer, and hot spots on the dryer are also tell tale signs of air flow backups.

  • How we clean:

    • We check air flow both before and after each service to verify greater air flow and faster drying times for your dryer.

    • We agitate lint in the duct using a brush system that's fed through the vent wile using powerful suction from a truck mounted unit to pull lint from vents as long as 30 feet.

    • We clean the lint trap compartment in the dryer.

    • All lint and debris is collected in a storage tank in our truck for proper disposal.

    • Vent traps on the outside of the home are cleaned and examined for proper function.

  • Benefits to you:

    • Our service pays for itself by saving you energy with faster dry times. 

    • Clean vents protect your dryer so that it does not burn out due to clogging.

    •  Clean vents increases the safety of your home from dryer fires.

    • Faster drying times makes for greener planet and saves you money.

    • Home owners and Realtors have used our reports to show prospective buyers of a home.


"I think you also saved me from a horrible house fire!! I didn't really understand the importance of cleaning the dryer ducts every year or two. It's a miracle we didn't have a fire! Even though they were practiy clogged solid, you were able to get them completely cleaned and ready for our new dryer installation. WOW what a difference!! I think I might have kept my old dryer if I had had this service done earlier!  Thank you again for all your honest and efficient help!! I will be referring you forever!!"

Karen Ingle, Littleton, CO


A Cleaner Home is a full service cleaning company specializing in steam carpet cleaning, floor tile cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and allergy control. 
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* Most vent systems.  Vent systems requiring a ladder to access, or duct systems longer than 20 feet in length cost extra.